For Workers

If you have sustained an injury at work,
you have the right to receive assistance
with returning to work safely.

“I’ve been injured at work and I need help getting back to work. I’ve never had an injury before. What do I do?”

What is Occupational Rehabilitation

An Occupational Rehabilitation provider will work with you, your representative if you choose to have one, your employer and any treating health practitioners to help you return to safe work.

To view a short video from WorkSafe about the role of an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider see below

Returning to Work - Current Employer

If you have sustained an injury at work, you have an entitlement to receive assistance with returning to work safely and in line with your recovery.

Being away from work as a result of your injury can be challenging. Nabenet can assist your transition back to work and make it a positive experience.

When we receive a referral to assist you in your return to work, we will contact you and arrange a meeting time, either at your workplace, or at one of our many offices conveniently located across Victoria.

Our team of experienced health professionals and consultants will then communicate with all parties concerned—you, your employer and your treating health practitioners, to assist your injury recovery and help you return to work.

At Nabenet, we care about you and your injury management.

Get in touch with us here and find out how we can help you get back to work safely.

In some cases you may not be able to return to the same job after your recovery. It could be that your existing job is too demanding for your present capabilities, or that your professional needs have changed since your injury.

In these situations, Nabenet can provide you with a comprehensive vocational assessment, an evaluation of your skills, abilities and requirements, to assist you with finding work with a new employer.

While each assessment is catered to your own unique needs, the Nabenet vocational assessment generally includes an overview of:

  • Your personal, educational and work history
  • Clinical evaluation of the injury and recovery
  • Key competencies and transferrable skills
  • Career interests and professional needs
  • Your physical, psychological and functional work capacities
  • Training or re-training requirements
  • The current labour market and work opportunities.

Based on the assessment, a detailed report will help to determine the best job fit for you, offering a range of options to make the return back to the workforce a positive experience.

Following the vocational assessment, you may be referred for Job Seeking Services. This service is designed to assist you in preparing for a return to work with a new employer. Activities may include:

  • Job seeking skills such as utilising online search tools
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Coaching and rehearsing interview skills
  • Job brokerage and networking
  • Canvassing prospective employers

Get in touch with us & find out how we can help you get back to work safely. Get in touch!

Why choose Nabenet?

Highly Skilled

Highly skilled clinically experienced health professionals.



Passionate about helping you return to work.


Supportive and easy to communicate with.


Successful at delivering the best outcomes for you as an injured worker

Good Communicators

Experts at communicating with your employer, case manager and treaters to develop suitable return to work programs. 


Leaders in the industry for the past 15 years.