Our Nabenet Health team is comprised of experienced health and occupational rehabilitation practitioners including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists and other health professionals.

Nabenet Health has been providing innovative and strategic injury management, health, wellbeing and safety solutions for the past 15 years. At Nabenet Health, we believe in implementing the best evidence-based healthcare strategies through superior client service delivery.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counselling

Nabenet have partnered with PeopleSense to provide confidential counselling services for employees (and in some cases their immediate family members). These services can be accessed for personal or work related issues and are designed to provide short-term psychological assistance for employees (or their immediate family members) in need.

We only use qualified and registered psychologists to provide this service so that employees can be assured that their situation will be managed professionally. EAP services are for all employees, there is no issue too big or too small that we can’t help with and services are offered Nationwide.

Common presenting problems include;
Relationship issues
Anxiety and worry
Depression and low mood
Family problems
Conflict at home or work
Marital break-down
Grief management
Stress Management
Suicide and suicidal thoughts
Decision making
Anger management
Life stages
Well-being and coaching
Sleep difficulties
Career Management

To talk to us about these services please call us on (03)9981 9888

Workplace Health Checks

Staff who have a good level of physical, functional and mental health are more likely to be productive and engaged with the workplace and have lower levels of absenteeism.

Health checks identify staff who may be at risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. Employers who identify these issues early can then move towards implementing strategies to address concerns and minimise their impact on the staff and workplace.

A 15 minute assessment is conducted by a qualified health professional and includes:

  • A blood pressure check
  • A capillary finger prick which tests for blood glucose, total and HDL cholesterol check (non-fasting)
  • Waist circumference and a
  • Lifestyle questionnaire which reviews mental health, diet and exercise consumption.

Assessments are conducted at the workplace and are completely voluntary. All data is kept confidential and Nabenet Health provides a summary report to the employer. Additionally Nabenet Health can also provide staff health surveys which give useful subjective information for an employer.

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening can provide information to an employer to support their recruitment and onboarding processes. Understanding the physical and functional capacity and health of a prospective employee can provide information regarding suitability or workplace adjustments for a role.

A Nabenet Health pre-employment screen includes;

  • Understanding of past and current medical health,
  • Biometric assessment (blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height),
  • Musculoskeletal range of movement and strength assessment,
  • Manual handling assessment,
  • Functional assessment,
  • Balance assessment,
  • Cardiovascular assessment.

We are also able to conduct audiometry assessments, vision testing and drug and alcohol testing.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

The effects of the usage of drugs and alcohol in the workplace are estimated to be costing $6 billion annually in lost productivity. Also it is estimated that drugs and alcohol are a factor in 25% of workpace accidents. In conjunction with the workplace drug and alcohol policy Nabenet Health can conduct random and ‘for cause’ assessments.

Drug and alcohol testing can also form part of the pre-employment process.

Fitness for Work Assessment

A fitness for work assessment is an assessment of an employee’s ability to perform the physical and functional requirements of their role. This independent assessment is requested by an employer where they may have concerns about an employee’s ability to perform the role due to a change in their physical and functional work capacity.

Our senior clinicians generally perform an onsite observation of the role and then conduct a clinical subjective, objective and functional assessment of the employee. As part of the process our clinicians liaise with the employee’s treating health practitioner to provide information with their consent.

We provide a detailed opinion regarding fitness for work.

Nabenet Health

Workplace Health and Safety Consulting

Mental Health Education & Awareness Training

Nabenet can provide a two-hour Mental Health Education and Awareness training, tailored for either the entire organisation or focused on people leaders. Delivery can be face to face, via webinar, or as a self-paced e-learning module. Content can also be customised. This training is a different price point compared to MHFA. Mental Health Education and Awareness training can be complemented with additional training such as “A Manager’s Guide to Psychosocial Hazard Prevention and Management” and “Creating a Psychosocially Safe Work Environment”. These offerings aim to enhance the Management of mental health in the workplace and address psychosocial risks by emphasising prevention strategies.

Task and Risk Assessment

Understanding the physical, functional, psychological, cognitive and behavioural requirements and risks associated with roles can provide employers’ with specific and thorough information to support their HR functions such as recruitment, role identification and overall occupational health and safety management system functions including injury prevention, management and return to work. Our assessment services provide a thorough description with clear image examples and concise explanations.

Workstation and Ergonomic Assessment

Musculoskeletal disorders account for approximately 44% of compensation claims. A significant proportion of these are linked to prolonged periods of sitting and attributed to poor workstation setup and ergonomics. Our assessment service reviews the workstation and work area setup in accordance with sound physical, functional and ergonomic principles. We provide onsite adjustment and recommendations for any workplace supports, adjustments and/or equipment. We can also arrange workplace equipment trials with our suppliers and liaise with treating health practitioners.

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling injuries account for a significant proportion of all workplace injuries, much of which could be minimised or reduced by employees understanding that the way they use their bodies and how they exert force can affect their risk of workplace injury. Our manual handling training is specific to the workplace roles and tasks and includes an understanding of;
  • Basic anatomy and biomechanics
  • Why injuries occur
  • Back care, position and force application
  • Common industry specific injuries
  • The application of the best practice principles of safe manual handling specific to the workplace.
  • Appropriate activation, flexibility and mobility exercises
We have also partnered with a number of organisations in developing a digital education package for manual handling in the workplace.

Leadership and Return to Work Training

Research shows that there is almost over a third reduction in the chances of returning to work for an injured worker who is off work for 20 days following their workplace injury. Furthermore, the evidence indicates that the supervisor or direct manager is the most influential in supporting a positive RTW outcome for an injured worker. Consequently Nabenet Health has developed and delivers a comprehensive training and education package for supervisors and managers so they can provide optimal support to their injured workers and workplaces.

Executive Health Checks

Through our Executive Health Solutions brand we provide comprehensive health assessments and targeted health management programs either as a combined package or as a standalone service. EHS’ combined package (Health Connect) is based on best practice guidelines for health behaviour change. Contact us to find out more.

Injury Management and Return to Work Consulting

Nabenet Health can provide a number of tailored injury management and return to work consulting services including strategic advice for employees with a work impacting injury, onsite RTW support, development of return to work programs and the development of task and injury based return to work options. Nabenet Health can also provide a review of an employer’s current injury management and return to work system and provide recommendations to align policies and procedures with best practice including the development of comprehensive return to work toolkits.

Workplace Exercise Programs

Workplace based or facilitated exercise programs are known to reduce the incidence and likelihood of workplace injuries and improve personal and workplace health and wellbeing. Nabenet Health can partner with an employer to review higher risk areas of work or staff who have a work impacting injury concern to develop a tailored exercise intervention program. The program commences with a comprehensive assessment of the employee(s), followed by the prescription of a targeted exercise program, and finally re-assessment to observe change. In 2018 Nabenet Health partnered with a large Government organisation in developing a comprehensive strength, flexibility and conditioning program for their field officers. Following a 12 week program some of the results were;
  • 60% improvement in shoulder neural mobility
  • 32% improvement in shoulder flexion strength
  • 27% improvement in upper limb muscular endurance
  • 65% improvement in core strength
  • 70% improvement in lower limb muscular endurance
Occupational Rehabilitation Services
Nabenet is a leading provider of occupational rehabilitation services, assisting employees who have sustained an injury at work return to work safely and productively. To find out more about our range of services, click here.

When you partner with Nabenet Health you invest in developing and improving the safety, health and wellbeing of your employees and workplace.

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*Chapman LS. Meta-evaluation of worksite health promotion economic return studies: 2005 update. Am J Health Promot 2005 Jul-Aug; 19(6):1-11.