Nabenet has been a leading provider of health, wellbeing, and injury management services across Victoria since 2002. Offering personalised service, professionalism, and care, we are occupational health experts who understand the needs of individuals faced with an injury, illness, or condition that impacts on their lives.

Why choose Nabenet?

At Nabenet we are passionate about providing the best quality services for our clients.

Our values guide our services with customer service at its heart. No one knows our clients better than themselves, so we listen and support them with their needs.

We want our clients to see positive results, so we provide high quality services from dedicated team members.

Behind all our client wins are a highly qualified team of professionals who draw on their own expertise and experiences and that of their peers to provide the services our clients need.

You can count on Nabenet to provide simple, supportive services that help to get back to life or work. We walk the path with you.

It all starts with a conversation. We listen to you and understand your unique circumstances, and partner with you on a collaborative plan to support you in your rehabilitation, at any stage.

We can provide the following services:

Functional Assessments, to help you understand your functional status which can determine what activities or return to work arrangements are the safest

Exercise Programs, to help with strength building, stretching, weight management, and boosting energy levels

Health Coaching and Recovery Support Programs, to help you identify and seek support in return to life needs that may centre around connection, wellbeing, health, and recovery

Return to Work Services, to help you return to work with your pre-accident employer or a new employer safely and sustainably

Ergonomic and Worksite Assessments, to ensure that your workplace is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise your productivity when you do return to work

Our qualified team includes

  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Employment Consultants