Nabenet Health has been a leader in integrated workplace health for the past 15 years.

We provide a tailored approach that addresses the needs of your organistion to deliver the results you require.

The Nabenet Health team has a general practitioner as well as a team of experienced Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and other qualified health professionals.

Health Checks

Employee Health check have been designed to identify individuals who are at risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Through early intervention, chronic diseases can be prevented or their impact reduced through lifestyle modifications.

The 15 minute private assessment is conducted by a qualified health professional and includes:

  • A blood pressure check
  • A capillary finger prick which tests for blood glucose, total and HDL cholesterol check (non-fasting)
  • Waist circumference
  • Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Tip sheets and advice

All assessments are conducted at the workplace and are completely voluntary and all data is confidential.

Pre-Employment Screening

Our pre-employment screening is very focussed on determining a potential employees capability to undertake the physical demands of the position.

A Nabenet Health pre-employment screen includes;

  • Previous injury analysis and risk assessment
  • Biomedical assessment (blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height, BMI)
  • Grip strength assessment
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Strength and manual handling assessment
  • Functional tests – shoulder, wrist, knees, back

We are able to conduct audiometry assessments, vision testing, spirometry, vaccinations and drug and alcohol testing.

Once provided with the candidates name and details we contact them and schedule the next available appointment.

Personal Attributes Assessment

Nabenet Health offer Personal Attributes Assessments. These have been designed to screen individuals to determine if their personality traits align to the requirements of the role they have applied for.

This tool assists with employment, staff retention and career development.

The Nabenet Health team will work with you to define role demands, so you can be sure the candidate’s personality traits align with your organisation’s needs.

The Workplace Personality Index (WPI) will assess the following areas amongst others;

  • Ambition
  • Analytical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Stress tolerance
  • Dependability
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Multitasking
  • Teamwork

Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

Ergonomic workstation assessments promote a safe working environment and deliver the knowledge and techniques to increase productivity and decrease lost time due to injuries.

Our qualified staff can attend your worksite to perform any number of individual assessments or conduct group based ergonomic workstation training.

Fitness for Duty Assessment

Our Senior Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists can conduct fitness for duty assessments, providing advice on an employee’s ability to perform their job tasks. As part of the assessment our health professionals liaise with treating doctors and practitioners, conduct work site visits and provide a detailed report. A medical opinion can also be provided upon request for this service.

Flu Vaccines and Immunisations

Nabenet Health can provide your organisation with flu vaccinations for the flu season.

The benefits of flu vaccination include:

  • 43% reduction in flu-related absenteeism
  • Reducing the spread of sickness in the workplace
  • 36% reduction in sick leave, compared with those not vaccinated
  • Higher workplace effectiveness and productivity.

A Nabenet Health qualified nurse conducts the immunisations at your workplace.

Get in contact with us here to find out how you can book your workplace flu vaccinations or to see the latest flu information go to the news section of our website.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

The Nabenet Health team provide on-site drug and alcohol screening to address the needs and policies of your organisation to deliver the screening you require.

To find out more about our full range of drug and alcohol services call (03) 9981 9888


Workplace Health Checks


Workplace Education and Intervention Sessions

Education Systems

Physical Activity

Presented by an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist, this session offers detailed explanations on the types of exercise that are most beneficial and why physical activity is vital, with a focus on managing time to exercise within a busy schedule.

Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management explores the concept of fatigue and the problems it can cause in a workplace setting. This session examines the causes of fatigue, the risk of injury and illness and ways to reduce and prevent it.

Healthy Eating – Cooking Demonstration

This session includes a demonstration on quick, easy and nutritious lunch meals for the workplace. Presented by a dietician, advice will be given on appropriate portion sizes and daily vegetable and fruit recommendations. The dietician discusses the health benefits of each meal, as well as exploring the positive impacts it can have on an individual’s lifestyle.


Healthy Eating Habits offers information on Australian Dietary Guidelines, with practical information about how the guidelines can be applied in daily life. The session covers healthy portion sizes, how to read nutrition panels and common obstacles.

Stress Management

Stress Management is an examination of stress, how it affects individual performance and what common stressors are. The session explores signs and symptoms of stress and offers a range of stress management techniques.

Fit for Life/Fit for Work

Fit for Life/Fit for Work is an overview of the most common causes of poor health and chronic disease, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and stress, and how these conditions impact on general health and work performance.

Heart Health

Heart Health focuses on Australia’s biggest killer, cardiovascular disease. It details risk factors and ways to reduce them, offering knowledge on how to maintain good heart health and improve lifestyle choices.

Sun Care

The Sun Care session explains what skin cancer is, what skin cancer looks like and how to self examine your skin. The best ways to protect against UV radiation and how to balance the need for Vitamin D are explored in depth.

Intervention Sessions

Smoking Cessation

This session is tailored to smokers who are contemplating quitting, and involves discussion about tools for quitting, putting plans into action and managing cravings.

Mental Wellbeing

Delivered over two sessions and presented by a qualified Psychologist, these sessions are designed to help workers achieve positive mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The first session aims to build a capacity for mental wellbeing on topics such as:

  • Resilience
  • Self esteem
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Self-efficacy, and
  • Conflict resolution.

The second session leads on from the first seminar and includes training on:

  • Interpersonal skills and effective communication
  • Supportive leadership skills
  • Effective people and performance management skills
  • Dealing with conflict
Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Nabenet is a leading provider of occupational rehabilitation services, assisting employees who have sustained an injury at work return to work safely and productively.

To find out more about our range of services, click here.


Nabenet Health provides a range of health consultations, assessments, services and programs for workers in Victorian workplaces.

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*Chapman LS. Meta-evaluation of worksite health promotion economic return studies: 2005 update. Am J Health Promot 2005 Jul-Aug; 19(6):1-11.