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Psychosocial Considerations for the Home Workspace

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During this time of change and remote working employers and employees still need to consider the psychosocial elements of good work design; work demands, job control, supervisor / peer support, role variables, managing relationships (remotely), recognition and reward, management of change and organisational justice.

The management group should develop strong, robust guidelines to support staff during this time and to address the above areas which are likely to be causing angst amongst the workforce. Employers should consider the likely changed and even increased mental demands on employees particularly when considering the change to the family and social dynamic and various stressors which have presented and are likely to develop over the course of the current landscape and social distancing precautions.

Key strategies and activities for management should include;

  • Keep employees informed with regards to business changes and response to COVID-19 landscape. This may include changes to the way services are to be delivered or the products themselves or how employees are to engage with clients.
  • Address clear expectations regarding work tasks and maintaining a routine. Structured work days support connection, certainty and positive mental health function
  • Create times for genuine check-ins with employees, not out of ‘need’ but of ‘want’
  • Set clear expectations around communication (the method, times of availability, parameters)
  • Understanding that each employee is going to have a different home situation and demands such as looking after children and other domestic requirements
  • Make time for self-care

Nabenet Health is continuing to provide health, safety and well-being consulting through ‘tele-health’ means – get in touch for more information at or (03) 9981 9888.

Key Ergonomic Points for the Home Workspace

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The landscape of the workspace has certainly changed over the last few weeks. Many people are now working from home, a space familiar for home and domestic activities, and unfamiliar for occupational tasks. The elements of good work design (Biomechanical, Physical, Cognitive and Psychosocial) pertain to whatever environment is chosen to be the workspace and due consideration must be given by both employers and employees to manage the occupational health and safety risks.

Regarding the biomechanical elements (force, movement, posture and vibration) – staff should conduct a risk assessment or self-evaluation of their intended home workspace. Parts of the workspace that should be reviewed are;

  • Location – avoid performing tasks where awkward postures are likely to be sustained e.g. bed, couch, recliner chair, outdoor setting
  • Check for appropriate lighting, ventilation and temperature
  • Try to replicate your usual workstation set up with a chair, desk, phone and documents within close reach
  • Use headphones if utilising a mobile phone or even landline if able
  • If using a laptop – consider utilising a second larger computer monitor and / or raise the laptop up to eye level and at the appropriate distance. Consider an external keyboard and mouse also.
  • Make time for appropriate posture breaks and to perform exercises and stretches

Nabenet Health is continuing to provide ergonomic workspace consultation through ‘tele-health’ means –get in touch for more information and also a working from home checklist. or (03) 9981 9888.

Nabenet NDIS

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Nabenet is pleased to announce that we are now a registered NDIS provider. Nabenet NDIS has highly experienced and qualified allied health professionals, including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. We are a mobile service, who can assist adults in the community maximise their potential and independence in and around Melbourne. Call the Nabenet office on 9981 9888 to discuss how we can help you.

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2019 ARPA Award Winners

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Congratulations to the Nabenet staff who recently won the following ARPA Victoria Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards.

Best New Starter, New Employer

Outstanding RTW Achievement, Psychological Claim

Outstanding Consultant, New Employer

Congratulations – Highest possible rating

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Nabenet has achieved the highest rating possible from WorkSafe for our OES and NES return to work services, a total of 6 stars out of a possible 6 stars. Congratulations to our entire team for assisting more injured Victorian workers back to work.

If you would like to hear more about our latest rating or how we are assisting more Victorian workers back to work please contact Vanessa Cariss or call the Nabenet office on 9981 9888.

Melbourne Return to Work Morning Tea Forum

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Nabenet are pleased to be offering FREE training for HR, OHS Staff, RTW Co-ordinators, Supervisors and Managers.

Effective management of physical claims with secondary psychological factors: Expert Panel
Improving workplace health and wellbeing through innovative health programs and digital technology: Presented by Mark Manokaran

Wednesday 14th August 2019
123 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000

Tea coffee and morning tea provided.

Click here for your invitation


High Rating – Congratulations

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Nabenet has achieved the highest rating from WorkSafe for our New Employer Services outcomes. Three STARS out of a possible three STARS. Our Original Employer Services team is also performing above the scheme average and for Mental Injury claims we are performing above the scheme for placements with improvements being made in all areas. Congratulations to both teams on their hard work.

Nabenet Health and Austin Health in partnership

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Nabenet Health is pleased to be partnering with Austin Health for an innovative clinical trial reviewing the prescription of a facilitated exercise based strength, flexibility and conditioning program coupled with a health coaching package for staff with a work-impacting injury. This clinical project is founded on a strong evidence base surrounding a patient-centred and holistic approach to the management of musculoskeletal pain and in supporting return to work outcomes. Some of the significant pillars include – assessing psychosocial factors, undertaking a physical examination of strength, mobility, function, using specific and relevant outcome measures, providing patient education and addressing physical activity and exercise. Pictured here from Austin Health are Jason Howard – Director, Health and Safety; Anne Marie Joske – Manual Handling Coordinator; and from Nabenet Health, Mark Manokaran – Health Manager, and Paul Neff – Senior Clinician Physiotherapist.

My First Year as Health Manager

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A year ago I had the great privilege of taking the helm of our innovative private health services consulting branch Nabenet Health and I can say it has been extraordinarily satisfying to support and work with a multitude of Victorian and interstate employers to assist them in achieving their workplace health and wellbeing goals. Additionally from a career development perspective it has afforded me further insight into developing and managing a key business unit.

My mandate for Nabenet Health is to implement the best workplace healthcare strategies through superior client service delivery founded on an evidence basis. Of course there is more hard work ahead, however 2018 has certainly created the foundation for what I believe will be a truly exciting future for my business unit and the organisation as a whole.

Some of our highlights in 2018 were;

  • Providing over 4000 flu vaccinations,
  • Completing over 450 pre-employment physical and functional tests,
  • Performing around 1000 onsite drug and alcohol tests,
  • Performing over 300 hours of workstation and ergonomic workplace assessments,
  • Delivering over 400 hours of onsite manual handling training,
  • Performing over 200 hours of workplace task and risk analysis,
  • Delivering 4 accredited Mental Health First Aid courses,
  • Delivering over 150 hours of workplace best practice RTW training, and
  • Delivering over 200 hours of workplace injury management consulting services, including partnering with a large regional Government employer in developing a 12 week exercise and conditioning program for a high risk work group.

In 2019 we have already been approached by a large hospital organisation to complete a pilot intervention to support high risk workers and those who have previously had a workplace injury to reduce their workplace injury risk. Another project includes partnering with a large paint organisation to develop a digital education platform where staff can access manual handling training and other workplace injury prevention resources.

I am very much looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

If you would like to know more about partnering with Nabenet Health to support your workplace health, wellbeing and injury prevention goals please feel free to contact me at or (03) 9981 9888.

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