2016 Flu Vaccinations – Important Information

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There are several changes to the upcoming flu vaccination season which we can assist you with when offering vaccinations to your staff. Traditionally there has been a trivalent influenza vaccine available for use by employers, the government and doctors, however, in 2016 there will be the additional option of a quadrivalent influenza vaccine.

What is the difference between the two vaccines?

The quadrivalent vaccine offers protection against the four most common circulating influenza virus strains, and, the trivalent vaccine offers protection against three strains – two strains of influenza A, which usually leads to more cases of the flu and one of influenza B, which is less common but also circulates in the community. The quadrivalent vaccine will include protection against a second strain of influenza B.

Most employers understand the need to offer the vaccination to staff to reduce absenteeism which can triple in winter as a result of influenza and colds. The obvious choice would seem to be the quadrivalent, however, it comes at a price! The quadrivalent is likely to be $7-$9 more expensive per vaccine and at this stage estimates are that it will arrive later in the season than its counterpart, the trivalent, which should be available in March.

As an employer you will have the choice of what vaccine to offer staff. Early indications from employers are that many will offer the trivalent vaccine as it contains two new strains from the 2015 vaccine and historically this vaccine has matched the majority of circulating viruses in Australia. The trivalent is Australian made and will also be more cost effective and is likely to be available earlier to offer protection for longer. In fact, last year, the trivalent vaccine used by Nabenet Health was available 8 weeks ahead of foreign made quadrivalent vaccine.

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