Nabenet Health and Austin Health in partnership

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Nabenet Health is pleased to be partnering with Austin Health for an innovative clinical trial reviewing the prescription of a facilitated exercise based strength, flexibility and conditioning program coupled with a health coaching package for staff with a work-impacting injury. This clinical project is founded on a strong evidence base surrounding a patient-centred and holistic approach to the management of musculoskeletal pain and in supporting return to work outcomes. Some of the significant pillars include – assessing psychosocial factors, undertaking a physical examination of strength, mobility, function, using specific and relevant outcome measures, providing patient education and addressing physical activity and exercise. Pictured here from Austin Health are Jason Howard – Director, Health and Safety; Anne Marie Joske – Manual Handling Coordinator; and from Nabenet Health, Mark Manokaran – Health Manager, and Paul Neff – Senior Clinician Physiotherapist.

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