Psychosocial Considerations for the Home Workspace

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During this time of change and remote working employers and employees still need to consider the psychosocial elements of good work design; work demands, job control, supervisor / peer support, role variables, managing relationships (remotely), recognition and reward, management of change and organisational justice.

The management group should develop strong, robust guidelines to support staff during this time and to address the above areas which are likely to be causing angst amongst the workforce. Employers should consider the likely changed and even increased mental demands on employees particularly when considering the change to the family and social dynamic and various stressors which have presented and are likely to develop over the course of the current landscape and social distancing precautions.

Key strategies and activities for management should include;

  • Keep employees informed with regards to business changes and response to COVID-19 landscape. This may include changes to the way services are to be delivered or the products themselves or how employees are to engage with clients.
  • Address clear expectations regarding work tasks and maintaining a routine. Structured work days support connection, certainty and positive mental health function
  • Create times for genuine check-ins with employees, not out of ‘need’ but of ‘want’
  • Set clear expectations around communication (the method, times of availability, parameters)
  • Understanding that each employee is going to have a different home situation and demands such as looking after children and other domestic requirements
  • Make time for self-care

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